As director of the planting operations at Spalding Trees, he drives the 90 inch tree spade, and oversees the moving and planting of nearly all the trees.  He is also the person to give on-site estimates, so he knows what options are available when choosing the size and type of tree.  Dugg has worked as a Consulting Arborist in the business for the past 18 years. He brings his expertise to the business and listens to the individual needs of the customer.

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Joan has been an Evergreen resident since 1975. Joan founded Spalding Trees in 1988 when she saw how effective large trees could be for privacy screening, and soon realized the need for tree transplanting in Evergreen and the foothills.

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Spalding Trees, LLC. has been planting trees since 1988.  Our experience and planting methods ensure that trees we move and plant will thrive today and for generations to come.

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Mike has a Masters of Business Administration and is the accountant for the business. As a business partner, Mike brings years of business and project management expertise from being a retired executive with US West, AT&T and QWest.