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The first thing to determine is if the tree can be moved...

  • Can our spade successfully transplant this sized tree?  (up to 12 inch trunk diameter)
  • Can we get the digging spade around the tree or is it too close to a house, sidewalk, or underground utilities?

Then we locate a new planting location where the tree can thrive and suit your screening needs. 

When we move your tree we tie up branches so the digging blade towers can close around the tree.

After the tree is set into the ground in its new location, we treat it with our 3-part Growth-Stimulant process, install a drip irrigation ring, cover the root ball with composted mulch, and stake the tree against blowing winds.

How we move a tree...

Reasons to move a tree....

  • Wildfire Mitigation- move a tree away from your home instead of cutting it down.

  • Privacy- Screen nearby houses and roads with wide full trees from your property.

  • Remodels and Additions to your Home- move your beloved tree out of the way to a new location in your yard.

  • Value- moving your own mature trees often costs less than planting new trees.

Do you know you can move your own trees?
With our large tree spade, we can transplant trees up to 12 inches in trunk diameter.

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Tree Moving