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  • Trees Tie Community Together Over Time - In commemoration, Earth Day organizers have designated Spalding Trees as Green Business of the Year.

  • Evergreen Community Trees Survive and Prosper - In the late 90’s members of the newly formed Evergreen Chamber Community Relations committee took on the project of finding a new community tree.

  • Beetle Y2K Bug - Is the Y2k bug really the “beetle” recently drawn by the Courier cartoonist?

  • Beetles and other Bugs Waking Up Early - Warm spring-like weather in the past two months has accelerated insect infestation in our trees. According to Colorado State University entomologist David Leatherman the Sips beetle is moving around, getting ready to fly.

  • “People Have to Care” - Old growth trees are often endangered on construction sites.

  • Remember Your Trees - Fall Fix Up - It’s time to clean up and fix up in preparation for winter.

  • Spring Snows and Hazard Trees - Last year, during the same kind of spring storm in the Spring Ranch area near the Chief Hosa exit, a 200 ft. ponderosa went down ten feet from a house on retired Denver City Forester Ray Howe’s property.

  • Ips Beetle - The drought this year has caused many trees to become stressed and die, infested with the Ips beetle.

  • Don’t Panic Just Spray - Panic would be a good place to start, quoted Mike Goldblatt of Lam Tree Service, if you haven’t yet sprayed for the pine beetle.

  • Post Planting Tree Care - Care for your tree after you invest in it.

  • Putting Trees to Bed - The recent snowstorms and the winds have effectively finished what Mother Nature began, the cyclical “needle cast” of the trees.

  • Safety vs. Privacy - New homeowners and developers are concerned about the fire regulations adopted by Jefferson County which determine the amount of trees left around the building site and the trees within the property that need to be cut down before a building permit will be issued.

  • Tanoa Trees - The hot summer days without rain have emphasized the poor condition of the trees by the Albertson’s Shopping center in the hundred year flood easement.

  • Dendro-Psychoses: The Love of Trees - More than a century ago, in 1897, J.O. Quartz, a psychologist, was the first to use an evolutionary approach to understand why people have bonds with trees.

  • Transplant Shock of Trees and Shrubs - Trees and shrubs can go into transplant shock for a number of reasons. But basically it means the tree or shrub will fail to root well.

  • Winter Tree Care in Evergreen - Snow covers the ground the trees are dormant, resting and waiting for spring to grow again, now is the time to think about how to prepare our trees and especially newly transplanted trees, for optimum growth and health next year.

  • Tree Hugging - Trees will fare better if they are “hugged” from the ground up. Covering the roots with a soft cover of mulch will help to avoid transpiration.

  • Let’s Look at Trimming Versus Topping - Trees that are topped under power lines often look as if they are shimmed off and have lost their heads and are hanging on to life with a few garrulous branches left to sprint toward the sky.

  • Tree Watering Guidelines - Learn how to properly water your trees.​

  • Don't Harass the Mamma Elk! - Elk are very protective, learn of my harrowing tale.

  • Grasses for "Asses" - Elk Meadow now patched black because of a recent controlled burn by the Forest Service will soon rejuvenate itself and be sprouting new succulent grasses soft and springy to the touch.

  • “Manic” Behavior Threatens Animals - Stray dogs chased the elk herd in Kerr Gulch last week; more than 200 were fleeing up and down the hills in the meadow; the bulls in the herd trying in vain to catch the dogs off guard to ram them with their antlers.

Off The Wall

Political Concerns

  • What About a Grandfather Clause to hold property taxes down? - “When you sell your home think of the money you’ll make," retorted the county planner to a homeowner’s question at a Rotary meeting. “But I don’t want to sell my home, I want to live here all my life.” was the reply.

  • Homestead Exemption Act - Population growth is the one of the main issues facing the legislature in this session, according to state representative John Witwer who lives in Evergreen.

  • Cars and Bikes Don’t Have Accidents: They Have Tragedies - The implications may be harsh, but when a car and bike accident happens it’s the biker who loses and the driver has to live with the thought that they are alive but the biker is seriously hurt or dead.

  • “Takings” Loses in Senate Committee - House Bill 1192 was defeated in the local government committee of the Senate Committee last week.  This defeat was a victory for the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society and other conservation groups who opposed the legislation.

  • Colorado is Growing Too Fast - The “Mind of Colorado” survey of  900 Colorado registered voters released this month overwhelmingly showed that two thirds of the respondents believe the state is growing at too fast a pace.

  • Environmental Issues Are Hot Topics in the Legislature - Environmental issues voted down in previous legislative sessions are now coming up in different forms with proponents counting on the affirmative signature of our new Governor Bill Owens.

  • Teepees Area Up for Grabs, Again - Many moons ago the Elders of the Teepees area who lived in the Swede Gulch area directly behind the Teepees Development gathered much wampum to defeat the intruders from the east.

  • Environmental Health and The Issue Of Growth Groundwater Quality - Written by John Pickle, a mountain area resident and the Director of the Weld County Health Department.  He will share his expertise on practical ways we can protect our drinking water.

  • Mountain Water, Where Does It Come From? - Water, our elixir of life, which we often take for granted, must be absorbed regularly during the day to balance our electrolyte levels so we can maintain our abilities to learn.

  • Well Water Capacity is a Draw Down Account - If you have difficulty visualizing the situation underground, here's an analogy:  Imagine that your well-water supply is an interest-bearing bank account with special features and restrictions.  Drilling a well opens the account.

Water Concerns

  • 3-Part Growth Stimulant Program for Trees - Spalding Trees, LLC provides a 3-Part Growth Stimulant Program for newly transplanted trees or for existing trees that have been damaged by construction or otherwise weakened.

  • Drip Irrigation System - When we transplant a tree, we provide a drip irrigation system to assist the tree in adapting to its new location and to stimulate its growth.
  • Value Your Trees - Trees as part of the landscaping can add from 15 to 25% to the value of a home. While you’re planning on projects that need to be done to your house and garage, take some time to focus on your trees. Are you getting all the benefits from them that you want? Do they enhance the beauty of your home and provide you with privacy?

  • Curb Appeal - “All the trees are brown and the sky is gray” so sang the Mamas and the Papas in a popular song many years ago but it applies today to the trees in our own front yards.



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