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What types of trees can I grow where I live?

It depends on your altitude, available sunlight, soil composition, and really what will have the best chance of growing well in your yard. Look around your property and surrounding area and see what trees are growing there naturally.  We specialize in native trees, but there are many other coniferous and deciduous trees that may also grow where you live.  If you have accessible trees, we may be able to move your own mature trees.  Call us or send us an email and we can help you decide on a tree that best suits you and your environment.

How often and how much should I water my tree?

In the summer, about once a week, on a slow drip for about three hours.  This does depend on how much water the tree is receiving from rain or snow, and how warm the temperature has been.  Click here more details on watering your trees.

What does "Trees for Generations" mean?

It's more than a catchy tagline.  Planting Trees for Generations means that we can plant many sizes of trees; from a smaller tree that will grow over the years, to a large tree that you don't have to wait for it to grow to its mature height.  We can even plant trees up to 30' tall.  It also means that the trees we plant will thrive for many years to come.  Our quality planting methods with our 3-part Growth Stimulant Process and our drip irrigation ensures that your tree will get the water and nutrients it needs to grow with your family, and even live beyond all of us.

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