Consulting & Other Services

  • We provide consulting about the health of your trees and what trees thrive in your zone.
  • ​We provide maintenance for your trees including drip irrigation and mulching systems.
​Provide and Plant Trees

  • We plant Native trees from the nearby area that are up to 35 feet tall including: Pine, Spruce, Fir, Aspen.
  • Our planting service includes a 3 – part growth stimulant program, composted mulch and a drip irrigation system customized for the size and type of your trees.
  • Enjoy the beauty of mature trees and the privacy they provide now; don’t wait years for them to grow.
  • Plant a Family Legacy Tree at the entrance to your home. Choose from beautiful Blue/Green Spruces, soft needled Blue/Green White Firs and flowering leafed trees adapted for our area. 9 to 14 ft.
  • All our provided and planted trees carry a 2-year warranty.

Spalding Trees, LLC.

Our Services

We Help Your Trees To Grow
  • Composted Mulch - Adding 4 to 6 inches of mulch conserves water. We provide aged composted mulch to feed your trees and help them maintain moisture in our dry climate.
  • Do you have new neighbors? Restore your privacy by moving trees into screening locations.

  • Do you worry about Wildfires encroaching on your home or business?  Don’t cut down your trees, move them to a safe distance.

  • Enhance the beauty of your home by moving trees to locations which improve its appearance and resale value.​
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