• We plant Native trees from the nearby area that are 12 feet to 35 feet tall including but not limited to: Pine, Spruce, Fir, Aspen.

  • We Move Trees on Your Property.

  • We Help Your Trees to Grow with our 3-Part Growth Stimulant Program
  • We provide maintenance plans and information for your trees including Drip Irrigation and Mulching systems.

  • We provide Consulting about the health of your trees and which trees thrive in our zone.

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Spalding Trees, LLC.

Our Services

We can provide and plant trees up to 35 feet tall. For large trees, we use a 90 inch spade which carries a 12,000 pound root ball. 

Our experience has given us the knowledge to keep trees alive.  We have incorporated a 3–part growth stimulant program into our planting process to ensure health and longevity of the tree. We use Bioplex for root shock, Mycorrhizae to increase root mass, and two-year fertilizer tablets for continued growth. We then install drip irrigation systems to slowly saturate to the roots of your trees. This improves growth and saves water. We then finish the process by covering the root ball with composted wood chip mulch which conserves valuable moisture for the tree.